21-03-2024 12:36

Soon — Toshi: Pride and Prowess

One more Temple guardian is coming to the darkest world — Toshi. He is a warrior of fire dealing great damage with flame strikes. Also, the beastman can drain the enemy's energy with regular strikes, making it hard for the opponent to use their skills.


Toshi was sent by his parents to the Temple of Four Elements where he mastered control of fire. He is a competitive hero, so Toshi loves surpassing his comrades-in-arms, improving his skills even more. After the Temple was attacked by the Warlock, the beastman, like all the other defenders, was caught in a wormhole of space. Now he needs to find his friends and compete with them one more time.


P.S.: there will be two features that let you use a certain hero more easily. 


Stay tuned

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