22-02-2024 11:03

Coming Soon: Raid on Boss

The heroes conducted an investigation and learned that the evil Krampus was behind the Heavenly Dragon enslavement. Now the heroes will have to chase him and stop the villain from bringing even more chaos and despair.


In the new cooperative event you will have four days to defeat Krampus. Your goal is to attack him together with other players and deal as much damage as you can reducing boss’s health point to zero.


You will have two types of rewards. You get one of them daily in accordance with your rank and contribution to the victory. The second reward will be given at the end of the event: the more health points are taken away, the higher the reward, especially if Krampus is defeated. 


You can track your rating in the Raid on Boss event. See the leaderboard along with your battle results. The rating will contain two kinds of charts: a daily rating and a season rating depicting a sum for all the event days.


Stay tuned.

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