28-06-2023 09:42

Coming Soon: Raid on Boss

The Demon of Sins is threatening to bring chaos to the darkest world! This time the enemy is extremely strong, only by joining players’ forces can he be defeated.


Since that will be a cooperative in-game event, every player must make their contribution to the victory by dealing as much damage to the Boss as they can in the alloted time. The event will be over after the event timer runs out or prematurely in case the Demon of Sin has no more HP left. Players have three Boss battle attempts every day. Every unique hero can fight the Boss once a day, however you can also refresh the timer for gems. All heroes will have the same level: 300. 


During the event you can get two types of reward: for your rank and for your raid. You get rank rewards for being in a certain rank top which is based on the damage you deal to the Boss. You will get these rewards daily. The raid rewards are sent to your in-game mail after the event ends according to the damage dealt to the Boss by all players.


Stay tuned.

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