12-04-2024 12:32

Soon: Coliseum of Trials event

In the Coliseum of Trials, you can challenge other players. Before the battle, players receive one random Battle Rule that applies to all your heroes and the enemy's heroes. For each victory, the heroes are entitled to a reward — the Coliseum Medals. They come in three types: Attacking, Tank and Support. In case of victory, each hero who participated in the battle will receive tokens according to their class.


Fighting is not the only thing you will do in the new activity. You will also have to develop and equip the Coliseum. Roll the dice to move through the cells. When you step on a cell with production buildings, you will receive the resource that they produce, and when you move to a training building, you will enhance the characteristics of your heroes in the battle against bosses — Coliseum Champions. Every time you face building, it gets to a new level and starts bringing in more resources or powerups. When you step on a boss cell, a fight will take place, following which you will be able to receive event tokens. The tokens allow you to make purchases in the Trial Shop.


Stay tuned.

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