04-12-2023 09:25

Soon: Darkest AFK 2.0 Grand Update

The darkest world is getting bigger: a lot of new activities featuring new mechanics will soon be available for you to try.


In the near future, new pet members will join the hero squads. They will fight side by side with the heroes, increasing their characteristics in case of matching affinities. Of course, pets require care and love, so you will have the opportunity to train and feed them, as well as play with them. In order to get a pet and raise it, you will need magic seeds, which you can earn in new Imperial Quests and mini-games.


Mini-games are daily activities with a variety of mechanics. 6 mini-games will be added to the new version where you can find the right way to the hen with Rabba, pick a lock with Zi’uk, go on a crazy ride with Chas, help Drogo save his elixirs, play dice with Sir Joseph and compose a symphony with Tilion.


In addition, due to the formation of Imperial Orders, Imperial Quests will appear in the game. You will receive them every week from one of the Orders, and after completing them you will get combat advantages and valuable resources, among which there will be magical seeds for the evolution of the pets.


And finally, magic runes will find a new application. You will be able to use them for pets and their evolution. However, the pets are not the only ones who will grow: heroes will be able to ascend 5 grades more in the Temple.


We are looking forward to finishing all the technical tests and releasing the brand new Darkest AFK version for you to enjoy.

Stay tuned

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