22-02-2024 11:30

Patchnotes 2.0.7

A brand new update is live on Android and iOS!


Raid on Boss event

They say Krampus himself was responsible for enslaving the Heavenly Dragon by evil spirits. After the heroes rescued the dragon, they decided to punish the main culprit.

The event will start shortly after the update. 


Labyrinth pet trait

A positive trait giving additional reward in the Labyrinth of Madness will not be available unless the Labyrinth is active.



New animation was added to the Almanac of Stories locations.


Mini game completion

The Symphony of Nature and Chaos in the Lab mini games now finish as soon as you get three stars in a round. Their balance was improved as well.


Symphony of Nature fix

A caption describing the long note mechanic was added to the mini game.


Card Battle fix

An info window describing card effects was added to the mini game.


Secret rewards

More gems were hidden in the game.

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