29-01-2024 08:42

Patchnotes 2.0.4

A brand new update is live on Android and iOS!


Card Battle mini game

Visit a fortune teller with Ja Van to play a few rounds of cards. Build a perfect team and beat all the opponent’s cards. 


New adventure — Gabriella

The Drifter of Times is taking you on a new adventure. Gabriella is the best warrior of the tribe, she swore to only marry someone who could defeat her in a fair fight. After 10 years, Gabriella sets off in search of a worthy warrior who would become her husband.


Secret rewards

More gems and magic seeds were hidden in the game.


Mini game speed-up

A speed-up button is now available in the Chicken Search, Card Battle and Dice Duel mini games. You can find it in the mini-game pause window.


Hero Pass reward collecting

Tap on one of available rewards in the Hero Pass, and all of them will be added to your inventory.


Raid battle crash fix

A problem causing the game to crash during raid battles involving pets in the Drifter of Times and the Conqueror of Stars was fixed.

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