15-01-2024 08:28

Patchnotes 2.0.3

A technical update is live on Android and iOS!


Secret rewards

Gems and magic seeds were hidden in the game. Try finding them in unexpected places.


Magic Seed offer

A new regular offer is available now where you can get magic seeds for completing campaign chapters.


Chest collecting

Chests you get for completing weekly missions, daily tasks and imperial quests can now be claimed all at once: just tap on one of them, and all the rewards will be added to your inventory. The function is available upon reaching VIP 9.


Imperial pass fix

The issue preventing the reward of choice window in the Imperial Pass to be displayed for the second time was fixed.


 Labyrinth of Madness fix

The problem preventing a pet from restoring in the Labyrinth of Madness after its death during repeated completion of the floor was solved.


Chaos in the Lab fix

The balance of the mini game was improved.

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