24-12-2023 08:01

Patchnotes 2.0.2

A technical update is live on Android and iOS!


Winter Stories event

In this event, you will take on the role of an ancient mage and embark on adventures that occurred to him and his apprentice during different periods of their lives, challenge Krampus’s henchmen and try to get the gifts stolen by them.


Almanac of Stories

You can find the activity in the Drifter of Times. The Almanac of Stories contains adventures of heroes combined in stories, each consisting of several chapters. New stories are activated upon reaching certain campaign stages starting with the Fortress Inferno Chapter.


New hero appearances

Meet Avalon and his new epic appearance — Guardian of the North. Also, meet Marylee’s rare appearance — Winter Queen. The appearances are available only in the Winter Stories event offers.


Christmas interface

The celebration is coming to the darkest world. A Christmas theme was added to Stone Town and the adventure map.


Hero skills fix

Issues causing imbalanced skill application by 16 heroes to pets were fixed.


Agra’s trigger skill fix

The problem causing Agra to deal imbalanced damage when activating her Flaming Fury trigger skill was fixed.


Mini game balance fix

Chest Cracker, Night Ride and Chaos in the Lab mini games balance was updated.

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