29-05-2024 13:26

Patchnotes 2.0.13

A brand new update is live on Android and iOS!


Pirate’s Curse event

Pirates are attacking the coastal area, pillaging one village after another. The darkest heroes must board the pirate ship to fight the captain who is said to be in league with the sea devil himself. Lots of treasure, fights against the sea raiders and a unique activity — the Sea Battle are waiting for you there.


Seeds in Mines of Abyss

Now you can get magical seeds in the Mines of Abyss. Send your pets to mine the resource.


Chicken Search start button

An autorun disable feature was added to the pause window in the mini game. When the autorun is turned off, the ”START" button appears. Rabba begins to move along the specified path as soon as you tap it.


Chaos in the Lab fix

Now each bottle of elixir represents a certain effect. Display of the movement buttons was changed.


Merge window fix

The issue of the merge window size relevant for some devices was fixed.

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