26-04-2024 09:08

Patchnotes 2.0.11

A brand new update is live on Android and iOS!


New hero and Hero Trial

Meet Yoshi the Guardian of the Four Elements. He went to the School of Light and Darkness martial arts with Tao where they became friends. Later, a fateful battle showed something that no one expected from Yoshi, which determined his life.


Try out Yoshi in a new Hero Trial in the Bonus tab on the main campaign screen.


New adventure — Drogo

One more story is available onboard the Drifter of Times. Drogo spent a very long time conducting alchemical experiments and trying to invent a potion of growth. One day, he succeeded, but the result was far from what he originally envisioned.


Secret rewards

More gems were hidden in the game.


Hero class bonus improvement

The class bonuses for ascending heroes were improved in the Hero Collection.


Towers of Darkness bonuses

Now you can get battle bonuses for using heroes of certain races.


Global PvP season

A new PvP season is coming, it’s time to prepare your heroes and equipment. Follow our socials to learn details about the beginning of the event.

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