15-04-2024 12:35

Patchnotes 2.0.10

A brand new update is live on Android and iOS!


Coliseum of Trials event

In the Coliseum of Trials event, you can challenge other players by demonstrating the power of your heroes. Each battle is influenced by the rules of combat, which add random features to the battle, relevant for all your heroes and the enemy's heroes. You will also develop buildings and suppress riots in your own Coliseum in order to earn as many rewards as possible.


New Chapter

Abandoned Town chapter is now available in the game. Lots of people disappear in this place without a trace. The few lucky ones who have fled the town in horror speak of frighteningly empty streets, panic attacks, and sinister silhouettes roaming the shadows.


Hero Appearances

Meet Violet and her new rare appearance — Ginger Warrioress. Also, meet Rabba’s epic appearance — Coliseum Champion. The appearances are available only in the Coliseum event offers.


Secret rewards

More gems were hidden in the game.


Darkest Mines boss fix

The issue preventing the Darkest Mines bosses from dealing damage to heroes was fixed.

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