07-12-2023 10:10

Grand Update 2.0

A brand new update is live on Android and iOS!



Meet new full-fledged members of the squad – Pets. Awaken them in the Pet House using a new resource – Magic Seeds. A pet participates in battle and has its own affinities for hero classes. The pet can also get hungry or want to play and learn. Take care of your pet by feeding and playing with them to gain positive traits. 


Imperial Quests

Visit three powerful orders – Knights, Mages, and Thieves to get weekly tasks for you. You will find magic seeds, imperial points and blessings for campaign battles. Also, the Imperial Pass was added where you can choose your rewards. 


Mini Games

Dive into such mini games as Chicken Search, Night Ride, Chaos in the Lab, Chest Cracker, Symphony of Nature and Dice Duel. Each of the mini games has a goal, upon achieving which you can receive from one to three stars depending on the success of completion. The more stars you manage to collect, the more magical seeds you can get.


New Hero Grades

We added 5 more hero ascension levels in the Temple.


Hero Appearances and Signature Weapons

Signature weapons and rival appearances were added to the Tower of Darkness and camp battles in the main campaign.


Campaign Quests

New main campaign quests were added due to the new activities.


Check out the game’s page store to download the latest version of the game.

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