27-10-2023 08:44

Soon: Circles of Hell event

The Darkest night is coming! The Hell gates are wide open letting all kinds of demonic creatures run free. The heroes have to put an end to this and descend to the deepest dungeons of Hell.


In this Halloween in-game event you will move around a game board by throwing a dice and completing the tasks. Each of the three game boards represents a hell dungeon with unique demons to fight, surroundings to behold and bosses having special abilities to challenge. The goal of the adventure is to banish the Lord of Hell.


This time the Hell bosses are especially cunning. They have separated the souls from the bodies of the heroes, so they cannot resist the demons. You will have to join the souls and the bodies back together by playing a new Halloween card game. In this activity you need to deal damage to the Hell bosses by finding identical hero cards.


Stay tune

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